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If you live in central Arkansas, and have never been to visit us, or you are coming through the area and would like to experience "The Fort", we are conveniently located in Sherwood, Arkansas, just north of Interstate 40 on HWY 67/167, and only a short drive from downtown Little Rock. We have over 19,000 square feet of store space and carry a wide selection of rifles, shotguns, handguns, ammunition, hunting gear, hunting accessories, hunting apparel, footwear, waders, optics, tree stands, safes and many other hunting related items and sportsmen's gear.

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Fort Thompson Sporting Goods
5802 Warden Road
Sherwood, Arkansas 72120
Ph: (501) 835-3006
Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-6pm • Saturday 9am-5pm

Fort Thompson Sporting Goods is very easy to navigate to, whether you are coming from Texarkana, Fort Smith, St. Louis, Memphis, Pine Bluff or downtown Little Rock. Read the instructions below for directions from your point of origin, or click on any of the images to pull up a new window with Google Map directions.



Take I-40 East towards Little Rock. When you enter North Little Rock, stay on I-40 East towards Memphis.


Take I-30 East towards Little Rock. Stay on I-30 East through Little Rock, cross the Arkansas River into North Little Rock, and then merge right onto I-40 East towards Memphis.


Take I-530 North towards Little Rock. Merge onto I-30 East, through Little Rock, cross the Arkansas River into North Little Rock, and then merge right onto I-40 East towards Memphis.


See Step 2


See Step 4


After reaching the point where I-40 East (from Fort Smith) and I-30 East (from Texarkana, Pine Bluff & Little Rock) merge into I-40 East towards Memphis, you will need to be in one of the 2 far left lanes. You will then veer left at the fork onto US 67/167 towards Sherwood/Jacksonville.


Those coming from Memphis, would be traveling westbound on I-40 West towards Little Rock, and would take the Sherwood/Jacksonville exit just before reaching the I-30/I-40 split to Little Rock or Fort Smith.


Having merged onto US 67/167 North, you will continue north to the Trammel Road exit.

Please note that the access roads (Landers Rd on the right side of US 67 and Warden Rd on the left side of US 67) are one-way roads. You will pass Fort Thompson in order to reach the Trammel Road exit, and double back on Warden Road to our location.


Get off on the Trammel Road exit and keep right, looping back to Trammel Road. Take a right onto Trammel Road, go under the overpass, and then take a left onto Warden Road.

NOTE: If you accidentally get off onto Lander's Road prior to the Trammel Exit, you do not have to get back onto US 67. STEP 6 shows what to do in this case.


From St. Louis (or Northeast Arkansas), you will be traveling on US 67/167 South. After passing through Jacksonville, you will cross through some marshland (stay on US 67 South past the I-440 bypass) before reaching the edge of Sherwood. Take the Trammel Road exit onto Warden Road. Stay on Warden Road, crossing Trammel Road at the stop light.


Continue on Warden Road, and Fort Thompson Sporting Goods will be on your right, just past the Dodge and Kia dealerships. Look for the light green Fort Thompson sign with our deer head logo (just like the logo at the top of this Web site).


If you accidentally get off onto Lander's Road, before you get to the Trammel Road exit, stay on Lander's Road until you get to the overpass over Trammel Road. You will need to be in the left lane and take the left turn lane that loops underneath the Overpass to Warden Road. The last thing you should see on the right, before taking the left loop, is Russell Honda. Do not got to the Trammel Road stop light on Lander's Road. If you have, then you have missed the left loop. Once you loop under the overpass, you will be heading back towards Fort Thompson on Warden Road.

This is an aerial shot of Fort Thompson Sporting Goods, on Warden Road. You can see the edge of the car dealerships just before you turn into Fort Thompson.

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